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Muriel invites you to be inspired:

Touch profound truth through the work of Neale Donald Walsch

Play and live creatively with SARK: Click here to visit Planet SARK

Create miracles with the wisdom of Barbel Mohr

Get clear on the Story of what you have to offer with Jacqueline Redmond


Muriel invites you to support:

Peace One Day - Creating Peace on Earth, one day at a time, starting with September 21 each year.

Trees For Life - An inspired charity replanting the Caledonian forest.

Tooth and Claw - A ground-breaking education and communication initiative exploring Britain's predators.

The Parallel Community - A networking group that is helping to make the new paradigm a reality.

The Chalice Well Gardens - A beautiful living sanctuary dedicated to World Peace.


Muriel is a Member of the Australasian Performers' Rights Association.