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Earthly and ethereal vocals express without words the sanctity that resides within all beings.

Touch the ancientness, wildness, peace, love and joy within on this journey through soulscapes.



Muriel is a sound healer who sings in ancient mystical resonances. Through her voice love is made audible, enabling people to lift the burdens of life, integrate trauma, and re-enliven their Soul. Her music offers permission to feel beyond the confines of thought, allowing the whole and eternal self to awaken to its innate sacredness, power and worth. She unconditionally relays the message that no matter how wounded, bad or unworthy you think you are, you are a Soul - a being of greatness, deserving of love, wisdom and unity. Muriel’s song enables this remembrance and the reclamation of both the ethereal and earthly self.

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2020 has seen the release of Muriel's latest albym Alcyone. It features the evolution of her expression into the realm of vocalisation and mantra. Her legacy in the genre of inspirational music will also continue through an up and coming album due for release in early 2021. 


Catch a sneak preview on the player, or check out the store for the full selection of available works past and present. 



March - 1 Day Summit - Embodying Creativ



Performance - Events and Ceremonies

Muriel specialises in the creation of sacred space through sound and music. She has experience in wedding ceremonies, funeral services, conferences, workshops, retreats, and other public and private events, celebrations and spiritual gatherings.

Group Meditative Sound Experiences

An experience making and receiving healing sound, practicing mindful listening and cultivating deeper understanding of the power of sound to create connection and transformation.

Speaking Engagements

An introduction to the fundamental principles of healing through sound and music.

One-to-one Sound Healing Sessions 

Muriel is available for one to one sound immersion sessions. Focusing primarily on the use of crystal bowls and voice, a session offers deep relaxation, re-harmonisation of the being, and connection with Self.

Customised Compositions

 The creation of original music for your special moment such as a significant personal event or creative project.

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'Alcyone' preview


Alcyone album release online concert

 The Embodiment Conference 2020 online presentation: Cathedral of the Self - Reclamation through Sound

The River Doesn't Mind if you Cry



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